Founded in 2010, Darwin Developments Agency (DDA) is committed to delivering the best service possible to its clients. Our aim is to achieve long term profitable growth through planned activities that are aligned to business objectives.

We believe in being honest and straight-forward with our clients. We will try not to use business jargon with you and will identify clear actions that we recommend to undertake further to consulting with you.

Nick Currer is our principal consultant. If you would like to get in contact please email

Nick Currer

Nick Currer, Principal Consultant

Nick has an MBA from Imperial and has over 25 years experience marketing and selling to the public sector, business to business and directly to the public. Before founding Darwin Developments Nick was Managing Director of Smartsave, a division of Metropolis International Group.

Nick is skilled in business planning and strategy and is particularly adept at finding and nurturing new business opportunities to drive bottom-line growth. He has designed and developed his own businesses including Barker & Wags and Ecomodo (a pioneer peer to peer lending & borrowing website) and has helped a number of small companies refine their marketing collateral and win more of the right kind of business.

Nick has worked in senior roles across a variety of industry sectors including consultancy, publishing, public sector, marketing services and financial services. His combination of qualifications, real-world experience and implacable positivity makes him ideally suited to lead your business development initiatives.

Nick lives in the New Forest with his wife and two children and their golden retriever.