Advise & Do

Where the lifetime value of a client is high it often takes a longer time to cultivate a relationship with a prospective buyer (they may have current contracts in place, or simply are not looking at the service or products you are selling at this point in time).

We nurture prospects over a period of time with relevant, interesting and industry pertinent information to maintain interest with potential buyers and leverage your position as their vendor of choice.

We know there are likely to be more people involved in the buying decision, so appropriate and visually appealing collateral is more likely to be shared by buyers and will increase the likelihood that they will purchase from you. Crafting marketing collateral, timing when to send email and make calls and managing a CRM for this purpose is crucial to a successful campaign.

You also need to recognise that a high lifetime value customer will be making a considerable investment in time, effort and money when contracting with you and you need to make the precontract and onboarding experience as easy for them as possible.

From their perspective they will need to be convinced that you can deliver the products and services that you say you can do for them. Your reputation and previous case studies will go a long way to reassuring a prospective buyer, but perhaps you could also consider a ‘taster’ session or trial contract period.