Our client won three contracts in the UAE, including a £multimillion project with MAF to develop customer journeys across its portfolio of businesses which led our client to establish an office in the region.


Our client, a leading service design consultancy had won a large contract in the UAE and wished to determine whether to establish an overseas office or service the contract from the UK. A determining factor would be the ability to secure at least one more client of a similar size in the region.

Service Provided

We undertook a comprehensive research project to identify organisations in the region that are of sufficient size and sophistication to be potential prospects. We learned about the business environment and cultural challenges of working in the UAE and created marketing collateral and messages appropriate for the target audience. We defined a marketing calendar taking into account the different working week and holiday periods (religious and otherwise) and built a database of qualified prospects. Over a period of 2 years we undertook a number of email campaigns establishing our client as the leading service design consultancy in the region.


We were successful in scheduling a number of new business meetings with on-target prospect companies. Three of these meetings turned into projects, including a commission by MAF to provide customer journey planning services across its portfolio of businesses.